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Rotary on Stamps publishes its newsletter, The Bulletin, six times yearly (February, April, June, August, October, and December).

Each issue of The Bulletin contains full color photographs and information about new issues recently released, illustrations of new cachets and cancels for stamp issues and for special events, new information about old releases, interesting "finds", and recent research, all reported to share as much Information as possible with the membership.

The Bulletin is available by regular mail in print form or by email as an Adobe.pdf file attachment.

An annual subscription to The Bulletin is included with a one-year membership in the Rotary on Stamps Fellowship.


The RoS Encyclopedia, published in loose-leaf format, is undoubtedly the most comprehensive work devoted to any non-geographic topical collection produced anywhere in the world.

Arranged in alphabetical order by country of issue, the more than 1000 pages, contain complete identification of every Rotary issue, dates of issue, design and printing information, etc. In addition to the stamps and many souvenir sheets, cancellations and envelope cachets used on the first day of issue of the stamp are also included. Except in one or two instances, all issues are illustrated actual size for ease in identification. Souvenir sheets, for space purposes, normally are shown reduced with their dimensions given in inches and millimeters.  In addition to those items considered "valid" postal issues by the Universal Postal Union, items of a questionable or spurious nature are also shown so that the inquiring collector may know what is available and make up his or her own mind as to what is to be included in a personal collection.  Special editorial "Comment" boxes are used throughout.

The RoS Encyclopedia comes printed in color in two heavy-duty 3-ring binders with alphabet divider tabs to separate the countries.  It is also available on a CD in Adobe.pdf format for the same price, but with all illustrations in full color.

ENCYCLOPEDIA SAMPLE PAGE - click here     (Please be patient, it may take a minute to load.)

Rotary on Stamps now publishes its own catalog showing current market values of all known Rotary commemoratives, including questionable and "cinderella" items. Prices are based on reports from members, dealers’ lists, and other catalogs. Items are illustrated in color.  The RoS Catalog uses a special RoS numbering system for each item. It is available in a plastic "comb" bound book or on a read-only CD in Adobe.pdf format.

New in 2010, PolioPlus on Stamps shows all the stamps, cancels, and covers that honor this important program of The Rotary Foundation.  Its nearly 100 pages are printed on one side of the same heavy-duty acid-free paper as the RoS Albums, and it can be used either as a reference book or as an album.

The RoS Stamp Album

Rotary on Stamps is pleased to offer our own stamp album for housing your valuable collection.  The RoS Stamp Album is designed for the beginning and advanced collector alike.  Its more than 370 pages are now illustrated in full color. The RoS Stamp Album provides spaces for all Rotary commemoratives from 1931 to the present arranged by date of issue.  Imperforate stamps are included only when the item was not also issued in a perforate format.  All pages are printed on one side only on heavy duty acid free offset paper to provide a long lasting quality home for your collection.  Pages are shipped unpunched so that you may use them with a wide variety of binders according to your personal preference.  A CD version in Adobe.pdf format is also available.

The RoS Imperforate Album

The RoS Imperforate Album is a companion to The RoS Stamp Album.  It has been designed for mounting the imperforate varieties of otherwise perforate stamps. (Items issued only imperforate are in the RoS Stamp Album.)  Spaces for mounting the imperforates are larger in order to accommodate the often wider margins on these items, and to make mounting of either vertical or horizontal pairs possible, a preferred way of collecting imperforates.  With more than 185 pages, The RoS Imperforate Album is printed in full color and shipped unpunched as are the other RoS albums.  A CD version in Adobe.pdf format is also available.


RoS Blank Pages

Blank album pages with matching borders are available in sets of 50 to accommodate unusual or rare items, blocks of four, covers, one-of-a-kind, and other items of special interest.  They are printed on the same paper so they will match your album exactly.


Annual Supplements

Annual supplements are available each January for all RoS albums shown. 

The RoS Encyclopedia - $285.00  (Specify hardcopy book or USB)

The RoS Catalog 2015 Edition -  $27.00
  (Specify hardcopy book or USB)

PolioPlus on Stamps - $45.00 (including binder) Special order only - inquire

The RoS Stamp Album - $140.00

The RoS Imperforate Stamp Album - $66.50 - Special order only - inquire

RoS Blank Pages (set of 50 pages) - $12.00

The RoS Bulletin - Included as part of annual membership dues of $20.00.

Supplements - Inquire for pricing     **2015 Supplements will be available mid January 2016.**

Prices are subject to change without notice. Postage and shipping will be added to all orders.  Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are accepted.

To download an order blank  click here

Send all publication orders to:

Richard J. Dickson, Director of Publications
Rotary on Stamps
PO Box 524                 
Irvington VA 22480, USA

or email at


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