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The member only website section is available to all current members of Rotary on Stamps.  Many additional philatelic items, pictures and illustrations are posted on this website.  A password and username must be obtained from our Bulletin Editor, Emmanuel Serriere at editor@rotaryos.com.  Once the password and username is obtained the members only section of the website may be accessed at www.rotaryos.com .

The Rotary on Stamps fellowship is an organizaton founded by the American Topical Association and subsequently affiliated with Rotary International and the American Philatelic Society.  The International Fellowship of Rotary on Stamps is a group of Rotarians and friends dedicated to promoting the hobby of topical philately as it pertains to Rotary International and provides an opportunity for fellowship and service.  The fellowship operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International. 


The purpose of the organization shall be to encourage acquaintance and to stimulate fellowship among all persons maintaining an interest in philatelic material commemorating Rotary International, its districts, regions and zones, and/or local rotary clubs. Such purposes shall be pursued by individual and group research and studies of Rotary-related philatelic material and dissemination of information through a newsletter The Rotary-on-Stamps Bulletin, the media of the general philatelic press and by such other publications and activities as may further the purpose of this organization.

It is often said that stamp collecting has more adherents than any other pastime hobby. Stamp collecting is educational like no other hobby. It teaches geography, history, art, spelling, graphics, organization, and neatness. It is therapy for everyone – old and young. And it costs exactly what you can afford; it is truly an investment that pays off. Over 130 nations have honored ROTARY INTERNATIONAL and the objectives and accomplishments of its million and a quarter members in more than 29,000 clubs in 160 countries by issuing more than 2,000 commemorative stamps, souvenir sheets, special cancellations, and other philatelic items. 


Having a "COMPLETE" collection seems to be the dream of most collectors. Such an accumulation of the "ROTARY’S" is within the realm of possibility for almost any collector.

With over 2,000 stamps as the basic collection, it does not require an impossible investment to complete a collection of Rotary commemoratives. In addition, there are an infinite number of "fringe" items such as imperforate issues, cacheted covers, cancellations, Souvenir and Miniature sheets, and many other philatelic bits to challenge the more serious or creative collector.

The Rotary commemorative stamps are things of beauty, rarity, and compelling interest, not only commemorating an International organization, but also depicting its commitment to service around the world.

There is a sense of pride and accomplishment in assembling a collection of stamps in which you have a personal interest. The Rotary stamps were all issued to salute YOUR ORGANIZATION -what it has done, and what it is striving to do.

It is interesting to realize that anyone who as born before 1931 has lived through the entire period of issue of these interesting and symbolic stamps.


According to RoS estimates, more than 2000 have been issued.  An exact number is very difficult because of the confusion of stamps being issued from day to day in so many different forms. The RoS Fellowship seeks to identify those items that were not issued for postal purposes, but merely to attract the attention of collectors. We do not, however, attempt to tell the individual collector what is or is not appropriate to include in a collection. That is a matter of personal choice.


Yes, indeed there are. Collecting the "Rotarys" is not limited to the stamps themselves. There are interesting and attractive First Day Covers and other cachet designs commemorating Rotary events. Special cancellations for Rotary events are also interesting. And there are numerous Souvenir Sheets, Cards, and Folders from which to pick and choose in making your collection unique to your own collecting interests.


Rotary on Stamps is a group of stamp collectors and dealers with an interest in the philatelic material commemorating Rotary International, its Districts, local clubs, and service projects around the world.  RoS operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but it is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.  In one of its publications, Rotary International states "Rotarians who share common interests in worthwhile recreational or avocational activities are encouraged to associate themselves in groups for the purpose of furthering acquaintance and fellowship."

Responding to that "encouragement," a group of collectors of the early Rotary commemorative stamps joined together under the leadership of the American Topical Association in 1955 and organized into a study unit which they named "ROTARY ON STAMPS." Today its nearly 200 members are from 35 countries and it is one of the earliest and most active groups of Rotary’s Fellowships.  In 2005 Rotary on Stamps celebrated its 50th anniversary when Rotary International celebrated its 100th anniversary.


Rotary on Stamps (RoS) has a broad program of services available to Rotarians and all other interested collectors.

The RoS Video Program

The RoS Reference Library

The RoS Publications

The RoS Bulletin

The RoS Stamp Albums

The RoS Encyclopedia

The RoS Catalog

RoS and the Rotary International Convention

RoS Awards ...and More!


Rotary on Stamps offers its own reference service to members. A large library of miscellaneous information not found elsewhere may be secured by sending a stamped self addressed envelope (foreign requests please include international reply coupon) and your question to:

Richard J. Dickson, RoS Reference Librarian and Collection Curator, PO Box 524, Irvington VA 22480 USA


An informative and educational newsletter is published six times a year by RoS. The Bulletin keeps members up-to-date with color photos and information about all new issues, provides informational articles on Rotary stamp issuing countries, and often includes historical papers detailing some of the older stamps. Members may place free swap and trade notices in the Bulletin.


RoS does not stock stamps for sale. "Want lists" may be circulated among the major collectors who may be able to help you locate the more elusive items. If you have stamps for sale, members may advertise at no charge in the Bulletin. Entire collections as well as individual items are always in demand. The "Swap & Trade" listing in the Bulletin may also be helpful.


RoS operates a booth at most Rotary International Conventions. A popular meeting place for collectors, the booth is staffed by knowledgeable RoS collectors. Inquiries are welcomed and answered on all phases of philately. RoS normally conducts its Annual Meeting as a part of each R.I. Convention. RoS has designed and published special commemorative envelope cachets in connection with the Rotary International convention.

A popular attraction of the RoS Convention booth is the "Mixture-Picking" Table which is the FREE distribution of thousands of used stamps supplied by RoS members around the world. These are placed on a table where both young and old can add to their collections.


A certificate is available to any stamp exhibitor for their display of Rotary commemorative stamps. Contact the Secretary for information.


ROTARY INTERNATIONAL has more than 75 fellowships of Rotarians of like interests. RoS is one of the most active of these "Fellowships."

The AMERICAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY is the most prestigious stamp collecting organization in the United States. RoS is an affiliate (#117) of APS.

The AMERICAN TOPICAL ASSOCIATION has the most members of any topical or thematic collectors group in the world. Originally founded by ATA, RoS remains one of its most active Study Units.

While membership in ROTARY ON STAMPS does not automatically make one a member of these worldwide organizations (except Rotary Fellowships), they offer their members many services - translation, sales services, estate assistance, reference libraries, etc. Contact the individual organization for more information and membership applications.

For additional information email contact@rotaryonstamps.org

For our friends also interested in our contemporary organization of the Lions International Stamp Club, it can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  Lions International Stamp Club